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About Me

The first day that I ever picked up a camera with the purposeful intent of doing something to improve the photographs that I'd been taking is one that I distinctly remember.  That day is my photo birthday,  March 29, 2014, and it was at a workshop on landscape photography hosted by a group called "Photography Basics" at a beautiful 160+ acre retreat center called Rancho Capistrano.  The grass on the hills was green, the mustard was yellow in full bloom, and the sky was sunny and blue.  It was the perfect time and place to entice me into this new passion.

I've been on a mission ever since, driven to learn all I can to capture and create better images.  The range of things I've explored includes several genres from the natural world including seascapes, landscapes, and wildlife photography as well as capturing the Milky Way at night.  Beyond that has been an exploration of portrait work, a genre I find the most challenging as it requires mastery of the camera, understanding and often creating flattering light, all while directing and posing the person being photographed. 

Today I continue to strive towards creating the best images I can, primarily focusing on nature and portraits.  There is always something more to learn, something new to photograph, or a new way to capture a view previously visited. 

If you like one of my images use the contact link in the menu bar above to inquire about prints.  I support several local small businesses that do fine art quality printing on multiple mediums including paper, metal, and acrylic at reasonable prices.  I'm always interested in doing portrait work as well, bonus points if you already have a creative concept in mind as I'd love to make it come to life for you.

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